Barnes and Vuren S.L. is a software company based in Malaga, Spain. The company was founded by an international team of business professionals and talented software engineers with the goal of creating easy-to-use and affordable software products primarily for business administration, company processes, and procedural tasks, to customers in various industries and sectors globally.

Through our versatile software products, our customers can increase their operational efficiency, lower their costs, and guarantee output quality by automating procedural and administrative tasks; no matter the size or sector of their operations.

Our Flagship Product

Fill My Docs (“FMD”) is the company’s flagship product, and will be launched in Q4 of 2023 once beta testing has been completed.

FMD is a versatile document template and data management system for the easy auto-filling, processing, sending/receiving, and storing of documents relating to business process flows.

Our Service

Database-Driven Platforms

Process Flow Automation

Versatility and Customisibility

Cost-Effective Services


User-Friendly Designs

Design Philosophy

We are currently in the process of developing our core technology through the development of the FMD platform, and once complete, will be integrated into other future projects.

Our software has been engineered using Clarion 11….

Our Vision and Mission

Barnes and Vuren envisions the widespread increase of the operational efficiency of enterprises, small and large, through technology.

It is the mission for Barnes and Vuren to develop and commercialise easy-to-use, versatile, and affordable software products to assist in the operational and commercial processes of persons and enterprises globally.